earthing Counsel


Inquire. Uncover. Discover. 

Facilitated group sessions to share, inquire and hold space in the questions.

Weekly Drop in. 5 seats per session. $30 for a seat. 60 minutes.

A root system aligns with our subconscious.  It is where we get all of our information; it incorporates lifetimes of patterns and pain and informs our stories we have about our self.  

Relating allows us to learn more and evolve faster.  When we hold space with others, we allow the personal self to understand the workings of a deeper collective wisdom and an interconnected system.

Self Inquiry is a solo journey and yet we have to be witnessed in order to transform. 

Get your seat at the virtual table.

Facilitator: Jordan Daly
Session Schedule :

Tuesday May 14 4PST/7EST